What If? Quaderno 06 - Lean Hypothesis/Lean Alternative

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“The indispensability of space for reality to be and become suggests that, at bottom, that which is necessary is exactly what reality is, space playing “infinite” geometries. But as life tells us, the necessary is not the sufficient, there from the (endless) Becoming, i.e., reality creating itself without pausing or scruples, but fixed (transfixed?) on doing, by itself, more and more with less and less of itself (miniaturization).” [Entry #39 – Lean Hypothesis]

“Given modern times, as consumerism disappears into materialism’s folds (have-nots still excluded), pausing at the unlimited gluttony’s edge and looking at a Lean Alternative could be quasi-salvitic. Organisms are lean phenomena and once conceived, do so much with so little. The moon does less than a bacterium does.” [Entry #38 – Lean Alternative}

by Paolo Soleri

Format: 9.5″x11.75″, 32 pages, softcover
Publisher: Cosanti Press
Publication Date: 2004
Edition Description: First Edition (Qty: 1000)