What If? Quaderno 05 - Ecominutiae

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“Outer space is inimical to carbon-based life, so if and when we move there, we will do so as interior designers; and as any “godlike” creatures, we would have to consider the production of a modest, but elf-reliant micro-biosphere, i.e., ecological minutiae. If instead, we were to send not ourselves, but silicon agents to represent us, then no ecological minutiae would be necessary: just boxes and containers of minimal size, stuffed with microchips, conduits, nanoengines, etceteras.” [Entry #92 – Ecominutiae]

Ecominutiae delves into exploration of space and the development of small ecological pods, which will serve as a human settlement or city in space. This would make use of a vastly unexplored domain: space and perhaps promote a frugal way of living for people who will live a lean life in space. Various designs of Ecominutiae appear in the text as well as a concept well worth looking into: Space for Peace. “We are on the threshold of the space age,” Soleri says in Quaderno 5: Ecominutiae. This volume explores what life in space might be like and offers forth insightful concepts on space exploration.

by Paolo Soleri

Format: 9.5″x11.75″, 28 pages, softcover
Publisher: Cosanti Press
Publication Date: 2003
Edition Description: Second Edition (Qty: 1000)