Paolo Soleri: Architecture as Human Ecology

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As much a philosopher as he is an architect, Paolo Soleri worked with Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1940s and went on to develop his own extensive architectural and philosophical concepts. Since the 60’s he has been involved almost exclusively with the design of alternative urban planning models. By 1970 he had outlined thirty Arcologies, the combination of architecture and ecology to generate complex, compact, highly active, pedestrian cities.

This comprehensive monograph, the first on Soleri to be published in the United States, follows his entire career through a presentation of drawings, sketches, and built work. Newly translated from the Italian and extensively illustrated, it provides the most complete view of Soleri’s work available.

Since settling in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1956, Soleri has made a life-long commitment to research and experimentation in urban planning, establishing the Cosanti Foundation, a nonprofit educational foundation. Cosanti’s major project is Arcosanti, a prototype town intended for 5,000, 60 miles north of Phoenix, designed by Soleri, which has continually grown since construction began in 1970. Arcosanti embodies Soleri’s urban ideals: to maximize the interaction and accessibility associated with an urban environment; to minimize the use of energy, raw materials, and land, thus reducing waste and environmental pollution; and to allow interaction with the surrounding natural environment.

Antonietta Iolanda Lima’s authoritative study of Soleri’s long career demonstrates the fascinating evolution of this uniquely far-reaching and innovative architect.

by Antonietta Iolanda Lima

Format: Hardcover, 9″x12″, 408 pp,300 illustrations, 100 in color
Publisher: Monacelli Press
Edition Description: First Edition (English)
ISBN: 1-58093-103-0