3 Day Lighting Workshop

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In this workshop participants will move between daytime discussions of theatrical lighting design theory to nighttime lighting laboratory application sessions, where the theory is applied. Subjects such as color theory, storytelling through light, and sculpting three-dimensional models through shadow, will all be explored in the beautiful outdoor stage environments of Arcosanti. Participants will leave with a basic understanding of the art of lighting design, a basic lighting vocabulary, and photographs of their light-lab creations.

Adam Taylor has been working in the Entertainment Lighting industry for 15 years, experiencing a wide variety of design and technician roles in many avenues of the entertainment industry. From music festivals, cruise ships, theme parks, and architectural installations to children's theater, regional theater, and modern dance. Being trained as a theatrical lighting designer, electrician, and programmer, he has focused heavily on storytelling through the use of light as a medium and building the electrical systems needed to tell those stories. Adam has an undergraduate degree in Theatrical Design from Radford University, and taught a series of Lighting Design workshops at UNC School of the Arts, to student choreographers within the School of Dance.

Workshop Hours: 2pm - 11pm daily, 1 hour break for dinner

Maximum Number of Participants: 8

Lodging is available in a shared dorm for $25 per night, or a private guest room for $50 per night. 

For further information, contact education@arcosanti.org.

If you would like to be added to our waitlist please email Education@arcosanti.org.

*The workshop will require climbing stairs and walking for longer periods of time.