Axial Park, Mesa City Project, 1960

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In the park of Mesa City, man confronts this devastated area and attempts its transfiguration. Thus, building a city becomes a two-case process: (1) mining and transfiguration of the socket left by the mining. The park is the end result of a process that sees a first phase of mining and refining followed by a second phase of organizing and forming. In fact, the engineer and the geologian, the natural scientist and the ecologist, all would work with the architect, the sculptor, the artist, the musician, and the scholar to combine the geology of nature with a man-made geology.

–from Paolo Soleri Sketchbook, M.I.T. Press, 1971


Axial Park, Mesa City Project, 1960

192.5” x 36.5” in frame (part of 90’ scroll)

Pencil, conte, crayon on paper [soleri archive cat # C001F CC]