Blueprint For The Future: The Architecture of Paolo Soleri

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Cities around the globe are facing an impending crisis. Rapid population growth and expanding suburbs have made many cities unsustainable. Architect Paolo Soleri proposes a new kind of city – the arcology – that uses design principles taken from nature to enhance human life while minimizing ecological impacts. This DVD by award winning PBS filmmaker David S. Mayne (The Independent, History Detectives) offers an in-depth exploration of Soleri’s designs and examines if they can really become the blueprint for future cities.


This special DVD features:

• The PBS documentary Soleri’s Cities: Architecture for Planet Earth and Beyond, including footage not found on the original broadcast version.

• Blueprint for the Future: Complete five-part Paolo Soleri interviews theat offers additional insights into Soleri’s designs and evolutionary ideas.

• Preview of Meetings with Remarkable Minds: Volume 1 – Paolo Soleri


by David Mayne Format: DVD (NTSC-All region) Producer & Director: David S. Mayne Publisher: Very Sirius Productions Publication Date: 2009