Lean Linear City: Arterial Arcology

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This compact book (7″ x 7″, 96 pages, fully illustrated in color) is the first full-length publication to present architect Paolo Soleri’s Lean Linear City concept, a traveling city that aims to optimize logistics to the extent feasible, in part by being fully integrated with its vital transportation corridor. Soleri, who is known for his theory of arcology (architecture + ecology), proposes this arterial arcology on analogy with how arteries support the essential life-functions in an organism. Lean Linear City features pedestrian-based communities oriented around linear local and regional transportation systems, fostering quality of life through urban mobility and access, while minimizing consumption of land and material resources of all kinds, including energy resources.

Lean Linear City: Arterial Arcology outlines Soleri s comprehensive approach to defining and controlling growth patterns of existing and future cities to produce more sustainable, equitable, and robust urban forms. The book graphically illustrates how Lean Linear s logistics are designed to cohere, enhancing the urban experience, minimizing waste, taking advantage of passive energy opportunities, and defining smart boundaries in relation to surrounding agricultural and natural lands. As urban planners face the key issues of the twenty-first century ever expanding populations, rapid urbanization, limited global resources, increased demand for food production, and protection of a fragile environment Soleri proposes that logistically defined arterial cities may prove to be a viable option for sustainable urban development.

by Paolo Soleri, Youngsoo Kim, Charles Anderson, Adam Nordfors, Scott Riley and Tomiaki Tamura

Format: softcover, 7″x7″, 196 pages.
Publisher: Cosanti Press
Publication Date: 2012
Edition Description: First Edition
ISBN: 978-1883340-07-0